Monica Martinez

Years of experience: 19 
Position: President & CEO

Ms. Martinez established Ruben Strategy Group LLC in 2011 to provide business consulting for non profits, associations and businesses. .She provides the leadership and forward thinking that empowers our organization. She is co-founder of several non-profits - including Hispanics in Energy and Advancing Women in Energy.  She served as a Michigan Public Service Commissioner for over 6 years, in addition to other key roles in the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch within the State of Michigan.  Her focus is energy, mobile technologies, non-profit development, and regulatory strategy.

“Ruben Strategy delivered everything they promised. Our member satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

Jamie Curtis

Former Chair, Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm

Our foundation is built upon knowledgeable expertise in both the regulatory and government affairs arena. We believe that this combination transcends into creating a team of experts committed to guiding you with both internal and external organization strategic consulting.

Experts who understand the process, are familiar with your issues, and can help you achieve positive outcomes. We provide a range of services to help you with a single project or a portfolio to meet multiple programs and needs. Our goal is to build a strong consultant – client relationship to ensure you have the tools you need for today and tomorrow. Browse our website and contact us to help you navigate to success.


TO help organizations identify and achieve their key objectives through a multi-approach STRATEGY.

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